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React Like a Pro: Our reaction training kit is more than just equipment; it's your competitive advantage on the field. With precision engineering and innovative design, our training gear ensures you're always ahead of the game, reacting with the speed and accuracy of a seasoned athlete. Elevate your performance and dominate your sport with the ultimate in reaction training.


Reaction Game Instrcutions

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Record the time it takes from the moment the light is activated until it is detected or impacted.


Score points by hitting the correct color. Choose a color before starting, and earn points by targeting only this color when it illuminates. Striking any different color, or failing to hit your selected color, will result in a penalty against you.


Find the correct lamps. Touch only the lamps that have been chosen.

Find the difference

Quickly identify the light that is a different color from the others. Find the only color on it's own. In other words, find the odd-man-out. 


Execute the instruction provided by the app. For instance, if the app displays green, interact with the green lamp. This activity is ideal for enhancing observation skills and situational awareness.


In this two-player contest, failing to hit a light results in your rival gaining a point. The application assigns specific lights to each contestant; for instance, Player 1 is responsible for lights 1, 3, and 5, whereas Player 2 targets lights 2, 4, and 6.

Color Battle

Each player is assigned a unique color, and the goal is to accumulate the most points to win. The game accommodates up to 5 players or teams, but requires a higher number of lamps than participants to proceed.

Color Battle 2

Each player is assigned a unique color, and the goal is to accumulate the most points to win. The game accommodates up to 5 players or teams, but requires a higher number of lamps than participants to proceed.

Home Base

After completing any action, make your way back to the home base. Through the app, designate your preferred light to serve as your home base.

Mix Action

Choose a specific action for each lamp, selecting from options like close distance, far distance, small vibration, or strong vibration.

True Action

Measure the time to each color. Easy peasy.


A color will be assigned to you on screen. Remember the location of the assigned color.

Memory 2

A pod will light up and then turn off. Remember the location of the light.

Memory 3

Reflex Glasses are required.


Compete with another player to color. The quicker one wins.

Find Flash

Four lamps will light up. One will flicker. Find the one that flickers.


The trainer choose the lamps that turn on.


What are Reaction Training Kits good for?

Our reaction training platform is your comprehensive guide, accompanying you from beginning to end. Integrate our reaction training kit seamlessly into activation, strength & conditioning, skills training, and rehabilitation routines to elevate your workouts with visual cues that push your limits

What make the Reaction Training Kit effective?

Our reaction training kit offers the ultimate method to push your athletes' reaction abilities, particularly during the demanding final stages of a session. It's a crucial component of professional athleticism, and Applied Vision Sports continually fosters athletes' development with every session.

Elite athletes understand that training extends beyond muscle-building; it's about honing hand-eye coordination and reflex speed to peak performance levels.

What if they break?

We got you. You're covered by a 1 year warranty. Just send us a photo, and we'll replace it. Easy peasy. Your success is our success!


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